Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I've heard it before..and if you're a female shooter, you probably have too.."you should try a revolver, it will be easier for you." Wait, what?..Seriously? Why would a revolver be "easier for me?" Do men really believe they're so superior to women that we are not semi-automatic worthy? Do they think we're too weak to properly handle anything larger or more complex than a basic 6-shooter?

In short, yes! It's the same reason manufacturers push their little pink .22 revolvers on women. I don't want a little pink .22 revolver, I have a .22 and I love it, but its a Browning Buck Mark semi-auto. And it's not pink!

Firearms are tools. I prefer my mine to be black and semi-automatic. Do men think I'm unable to rack the slide on my firearms? Guess again buddy. Is there an upper limit on calibers that a lady shouldn't shoot? Not in my book.

I happen to love revolvers! Who doesn't?! They're great, reliable firearms. In fact, my next firearm purchase will be a Smith and Wesson .38 Special. But don't you dare presume because I'm a woman that one will be "easier" for me than my semi-automatics. They're not a "ladies" gun, plenty of men I know prefer revolvers, that's why manufacturers make so many different shapes and sizes, so we can buy what we like (and feel most comfortable with).

I know I'm not alone out there, I'm certainly not the only female who has faced this issue. I've seen other female bloggers write about similar subjects because these are issues we all face as women shooters. (@fateofdestinee has an AWESOME video blog about this and other subjects that face us, so be sure to check her out and give her a follow while you're at it!)

I love my Springfield XD-9. I love my Kimber 1911 too. Do my hands get tired after the umpteenth time racking them? Sure! Whose don't? It's not just a women's issue!

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with pink, or pink guns, but if you're going to assume it's all I can/should shoot because I'm a female at least make it pink camo!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pushing past her comfort level..

For the past several weeks, my girls (ages 17 and 15.5) have been enjoying range time with my clubs newly reinstated Junior League. We're fortunate to have some great volunteers who have shot  both competitively and while on the job, who are teaching a great group of kids how to improve their skills.

Last week, with it being the day after the Fourth of July, only my girls were able to attend Jr. League. Giddy up and game on! They decided they wanted to see who was the better shot, so we held a little friendly competition. In all fairness, D2 (short for Daughter #2) has had a lot more range time than D1 because of work schedules, so she's had a lot more coaching.

While they both shot well, D2 outscored D1 and held bragging rights around the house for the week. Planning a rematch, D1 was sure she could outscore her younger sister, but as fate would have it, she got called into work and put in a 10 hour day. No range time for her tonight. Instead, D2 went alone (straight out of work herself, hence the scrubs in the pictures!).

We had 5 kids show up tonight, 3 boys and 2 girls. (This may have been the first week where the boys outnumbered the girls, but no worries, the girls held their own!)  At the end, there was just D2 and two of the boys. We decided to shoot plates. Suddenly, the girl with the bragging rights all week was a bundle of nerves. She tried to convince me we needed to go home. She tried to tell them she was tired. She didn't want to have to shoot plates against the boys. But she did. Her coach saw to it that she at least try. (She was less than thrilled with being put on the spot, but she went along after telling everyone not to expect her to hit any of them).

The boys weren't flawless. D2 held her own. First round, she shot 3 out of the 6. When she missed that 4th plate her nerves got the best of her and she missed the next 3. Second round, however, she took her time, watched her breathing, and took down all 6! She pushed past her comfort level and surprised herself with a perfect round.

I'm glad her coach encouraged her to try it, I think she learned a few things she didn't expect to. Now I'm waiting for D1 and D2 to request range time so they can have a plate shooting competition!